Training Matrix

Course Days Leaders and Managers PTM Coordinators MHP Intervenors Peer Intervenors Comments
PTM 01: Managing Critical Incidents in the Workplace 1 X       Understqnd the purpose and function of a trauma response programme
PTM 02: Developing a Proactive Trauma Management Response Capability 1 O O     Develop basic policy in Proactive Trauma Management
PTM 03 : Managing Critical Incidents in the Workplace 2   X X X Teach all personnel how to recognize and manage an incident
PTM 04 : The Art of the Group Debriefing – Basic Skills 2   X X A Teach counselors how to conduct a group debriefing, and others how to do group defusings
PTM 05 : Group Debriefing Practice 2     A   Give counsellors practice if they need it
PTM 06 : One-on-one Support: Basic Skills Development and Practice 2   O   X Teach non-mental health personnel how to do emergency emotional first-aide and assist the PTM group in responding to incidents
PTM 07: One-on-one Support – Skills development 2       A Further develop one-on-one skills
PTM 08: Traumatic Loss 2       A  
PTM 09: Advanced Training in Workplace Trauma Intervention 1 A A A A  
Assessment Available   Written Written Written and Observed or Video Written and Observed or Audio All tests can be re-done if the standard has not been met
  • X = Required
  • O = Optional
  • A = Optional, advanced Training. Useful for skill development for those with little experience, or enhanced training for those who will seek an advanced certification. May complete evaluation without this course.